What kind of Business Model is behind Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is almost everywhere,. More and more people are involved. And at the same time, there is a lot of confusion about the true nature of network marketing, also known as mlm or direct selling. There are many differences between the companies, as in traditional businesses. But there is a general business model that  differienciates the Network Marketing companies from the traditional one. I’ve found this interesting article written by Bruce Bailey,  phd. that describes in a very simple and comprehensive way what makes the network marketing model so different. I hope you’ll learn from this article. Here it is! Enjoy! –  Louise G.

“Network marketing is a multi-billion dollar business. As a business model, it is taught in major universities around the world. The Wall Street Journal stated, “…between 50% and 65% of all goods and services sold in this millennium will be through network marketing.” It is a business model that is perfectly suited to the “information age.”

What is this «Business Model»?  Network marketing is a way of doing business that is different from the “traditional” model used by most consumer packaged goods, food and drug companies. It is one of the most promising income opportunities in American today. It is the idea of many people each doing a little work, as opposed to a few people doing a lot of work. (…) “

Distribution – ” Rather than using the customary distribution process of moving products from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer, network marketing companies use a network of independent marketers to move products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Further, the cost structure of a network marketing organization is different than a traditional packaged goods marketer.” Continue reading

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The Perfect Business in This Economy – Why?

How would you like to have your money working for you instead of you working for money?  Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, explains how this is possible and what we have to do to achieve this. Today, the  system is changing all around the world. New rules emerge. We must adapt and change if we want to succeed and create the lifestyle we desire.. For Kiyosaki, the network marketing is the perfect business for the 21th century economy. This is a matter of values and attitudes. It is also a matter of skills, discipline, time and work. Watch this interesting video in wich Robert Kiyosaki explain why  network marketing is the perfect business for this time. 


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What does it takes to create success in Network Marketing?

Is there a secret recipe? What skills do you need? Is it a matter of luck, of “Who You Know”,  of marketing,  of Magic Formula … ???  There is no One answer“. Many aspects need to be examined. In the coming posts, we will examine each of them.   Today I suggest to watch a 6 minutes cartoon animated video created by vcook1956, entitled Creating Success in Network Marketing. It reveals some rarely disclosed aspects of the question. Listen carefully and Enjoy!


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Who are the Top Earners in direct sales and network marketing?

We often hear big numbers made by ordinary people. Are those numbers real?  Businessforhome.org, an independent and very popular and respected website has done the research for us.

Approximately 8,100 Top Earners and 300 companies are listed in this website. One of the objective of this company is to show people they can make an honest living with MLM, Direct Selling and Affiliate Marketing working with all kind of Direct Selling Companies.

How much do they make?  According to the author, the average Top Earner in Direct Selling is earning $18,674 per month / $224,093 per year, based on 8,130 rankings. Approximately  250 distributors are making $1 million a year. Continue reading

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Last Call – you get another chance!

No Excuses Summit II  –  Las Vegas April 29, 30 & May 01

Only 36 hours to get your ticket

Good News! For those who missed the opportunity to get their tickets last week, you have another chance. To satisfy the high demand from people who missed the deadline, the organizers have decided to re-open ticket sales to No Excuses II for only 36 hours. – Starting today Tuesday at 12 noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern), it will be closing FOR GOOD at midnight tomorrow (Wednesday).

What is No Excuses Summit II exactly?  According to the organizers : “Imagine~3 Intense Days~ with 24 Home Business Superstars to teach you the perfect fusion of offline & online techniques and reveal the exact lead, money & downline growing Business plan used to create multi-6, Multi-7 & Multi-8 figure incomes and ensure you get the results YOU want once and for all in 2011!  All 24 of these leaders will be laying out the perfect lead generation and business blueprint for you at the No Excuses Summit II.” Continue reading

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It ends in 3 hours

No Excuses Summit II – Las Vegas April 29, 30 & May 01

The end of this incredible opportunity to attend the No Excuses Summit II is approaching. Registration ends tonight at midnight.

Click Here to Get Your Tickets to the No Excusess Summit II:

See you later this month in Vegas!

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Last Day to “Choose”!

Did you know there is a distinction between the word “choice” and “decide”. “De-cide” ends witht he suffix “-cide” meaning ‘to kill’. ‘De’ means to pull away. So together, what you do when you “decide” is you allow circumstance to kill off your options and determine your fate.

“Choice” means to choose freely of your options, regardless of what circumstance thows at you. Leaders and winners make choices. Tonight, I hope you make the right choice for you and your family.

Tonight is the night, which will alter the rest of your life or keep it the same as it is now. Tonight is the night you choose to be empowered by the biggest producers in network marketing, live and in person or your struggles in this industry continue without getting any closer to firing you boss. Continue reading

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The Biggest Event of the Year

“Have you  heard about the No Excuses Summit II ?”

It is the biggest event and opportunity to learn from 24 millionaires and top producers in network marketing and to network with hundreds of entrepreneurs attending the event.

When: APRIL 29, 30 & MAY1.  Where: In LAS VEGAS, NV

Did you know that every single top earner in this industry credits their success to attending live events, where they met business partners and leaders who helped them take their businesses to the next level? – In fact, Mike Dillard and Tim Erway met at a live event, which resulted in the multi-million dollar behemoth we now know as Magnetic Sponsoring.  Brian Fanale met Norbert Orlewicz at a live event, which resulted in the creation of MyLeadSystemPRO, a multi-million dollar marketing system utilized by top income earners in multiple companies. Continue reading

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The 8 Types Of Networkers

What is your type?
Where Will You Be in Your Network Business in 3 Years?

” What if you could fast forward your life and see where you would be in your business three years down the road? Would that be of value to you? Would that make a difference in your belief in yourself, in your company and in the networking profession? “

This Wednesday, BusinessForHome.org and Ted Nuyten presents a training Webinar with Ramin Mesgarlou entitled: The Forensic Networker 8 Categories of Distributor Training.

Ramin Mesgarlou is recognized as Canada’s foremost direct selling guru and one of the industry’s most successful master trainers. He has published a great review about the types of networkers active in the Direct Selling Industry. He is the author of the book Forensic Networker which is a very advanced direct selling course in the industry. Continue reading

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10 Tips To Raise Your Revenue

You have a network marketing business? Here are very interesting ways to increase your revenue that worth to be considered.

Did you find those tips useful?  Please, post your comments.

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