Who are the Top Earners in direct sales and network marketing?

We often hear big numbers made by ordinary people. Are those numbers real?  Businessforhome.org, an independent and very popular and respected website has done the research for us.

Approximately 8,100 Top Earners and 300 companies are listed in this website. One of the objective of this company is to show people they can make an honest living with MLM, Direct Selling and Affiliate Marketing working with all kind of Direct Selling Companies.

How much do they make?  According to the author, the average Top Earner in Direct Selling is earning $18,674 per month / $224,093 per year, based on 8,130 rankings. Approximately  250 distributors are making $1 million a year. Their estimated earnings are based on Internet research, earnings disclosures from companies, information given to the field on conventions, downline, upline, crossline information, direct selling magazines and through their reporters. Also, everal top earners and companies share earnings information with them.

You want to know who they are?  – Click the link below to see the pictures of 100 Top Earners who have earned from 1,6M$ to 12M $ a year in direct sales and network marketing


I hope you’ll find this info interesting and useful

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